A couple weeks ago, Lindsey gave us the lowdown on giving ourselves a good, thorough shampoo. But you KNOW we couldn’t just leave you hanging there—after all, the perfect ending to a full wash is a gloriously nourishing (and relaxing!) condition.

-First step: cleanse your hair via your chosen method—this can be using a wash, a co-wash, or even sometimes a conditioner! Be sure to FULLY rinse your hair with water before reaching for your conditioner.

-REPAIR-ME.RINSE, what Lindsey is using on Karina, is a great option if your hair has been colored or lightened and is in need of a little reconstruction and added strength. A recommendation we’ve heard is to wash for the hair you have, and condition for the hair you want. (KEVIN.MURPHY must have got this memo as well, because aside from the YOUNG.AGAIN WASH and RINSE, most all products can be mixed and matched to find your ideal combination.) Start with about one-and-a-half pumps, roughly a quarter-sized amount.

-Spread the conditioner in your hands the way you would lotion, and then apply it to your locks in sections, starting with the ends and mid-strands, since these are the oldest, and thus, driest parts of your hair. For max hydration, add a bit more water every so often while working it in. Don’t forget your baby hairs at the nape of your neck!

-Once most of the product has been worked into the mid-strands and ends, you’ll want to let it mingle with your strands and work its magic for about three to five minutes. Pass the time by taking the small amount of conditioner remaining on your hands and gently massaging it into your scalp (you deserve it!). Keep in mind, we’re looking to inspire movement in the scalp and encourage relaxation overall. Use firm pressure, but not so much that you’re straining your arms or fingers, which would ultimately defeat the purpose and also hurt. Small circular movements with your finger pads—all over your scalp and at the base of your neck—and light compressions using both hands are lovely places to start, but see what feels best for you!

-Finish off with a final, thorough rinse using warm water, making sure there is nothing remaining on the scalp. Squeeze out the excess as you did with your shampoo, wrap your hair in a microfiber towel, and you’re ready to start styling.

(And yes, you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for an easy styling tutorial next month. ?)