We started carrying ABHATI Suisse shampoo bars in the salon a few months ago, and can we just say how much we’ve been loving them? They smell so lovely, are environmentally friendly (and made by a fellow B Corp®, no less!), and y'all seem to be enjoying them too! Basically, winning all around.

But there is ONE thing we wanted to address, because every once in a while, someone will look down at the shampoo-bar-containing box in their hand, then up at us, then back down at the box, then up at us once more before asking, "What do I do with this?"

And we hear that question to our very core, because at one point or another, we all met a shampoo bar for the first time, and that means we've all experienced that same moment of feeling pretty lost.

So we thought we'd take a moment to answer that very question, because they really are a great shampoo option, and we'd hate to think there was anyone out there not giving them a try, simply because they weren't sure where to start. Keep reading after the video for some tips from Deanna!

To Use:

  1. Thoroughly wet your hair.
  2. Take your dry shampoo bar, and glide from root to mid-length four times, starting above one ear and ending the last stroke above the other.
  3. Rinse well, and don't forget to condition!
  4. Massage the shampoo into your hair, working it into a lather. Feel free to add more water or shampoo as needed to distribute it throughout.

Deanna's Tips for a Super Awesome, Totally Rad Shampoo Bar Experience:

  • These are shampoo bars, and shampoo is for your hair! They are NOT a bar of soap for your body, so don’t let your roommate/friend/partner use it all up washing theirs. Just say, "Stop that!"
  • When applying the shampoo, the bar does not need to be scrubbed, mashed, or otherwise aggressively pressed into your hair. We don’t need to be in a fight with it. A gentle pat/glide motion will do the job just fine.
  • Once wet, set it down somewhere not slippery. You’re welcome.
  • Shampoo bars are activated with water. This means the more water you add to them, the quicker they will disappear. So simply leaving it out in the shower to collect stray droplets? :( We don't love that. Instead, find a nifty container with a lid to store it between uses. Might we suggest The Pebble, which can be purchased in the salon as well?
  • Just like when we are using the liquid version, our shampoo routines are (and should be!) unique to our personal hair and scalp needs. Shampoo bars are no different! Use this guide for a jumping-off point to get you started on your bar shampoo journey; don't be afraid to play around and customize it to figure out what works best for you.

Happy shampooing. You’ve totally got this.