We need to tell you something really, really, really, REALLY important: We’ve joined a cult—the Curl Cult texture system, that is.

This is fabulous news for all of us (including you!) because the vegan, cruelty-free Curl Cult perm is coming in hard with ALL the positives. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

–Paraben-, sulfate-, and thio-free
–Less water used (no more rinsing to neutralize!) and less packaging waste
–Better smelling with a lighter chemical scent (yussss.)
–Quicker application, with 90% of the service done at the chair
–More gentle than traditional acid perms, preventing cuticle cracking and minimizing damage
–Rich in amino acids that protect and hydrate, leaving hair soft and healthy

Someone pinch us. We have ABSOLUTELY gone to curl heaven. And we were so excited about this new texture service, we couldn’t help but get started right away. Peep the process, and then get your perm consultation scheduled ASAP for your very own, live with you texture.