Kel Hayward

Kel works at Multnomah Village, Slabtown and Fremont.

Specializes In:

  • Creative Shags and Mullets
  • Short Hairstyles (Classic and Funky)
  • Clipper Cuts
  • Classic Bobs
  • Dimensional Color
  • Vivid Colors
  • Bright Blonde
Kel's haircuts start at $79.00.

About Kel


Kel is a Stylist. Stylists are experienced hairstylists.


Kel (they/them) is a passionate and creative stylist/ barber with 15+ years experience curating customized hair styles and experiences for their clients.

Whether your style is trendy and funky, or leans more classic, Kel has your back! They are well versed in clipper cuts, textured haircuts, mullets, shags, as well as hair color techniques- not to mention a killer blow out! As a queer, bilingual stylist, Kel makes sure to provide a safe space for whoever sits in their chair. 

Kel was born in Mexico, and spent most of their adult life living in Miami, FL where they started their hair career. They pride themselves in their work and their dedication to staying on top of current trends and education. 

When they’re not in the salon, Kel loves being outdoors, spending time with friends, and hanging out with their chunky French bulldog, Obsidian!