Lauren Scott

Lauren works at Slabtown.

About Lauren

New Talent

Lauren is in the Ginger & Maude apprenticeship program and will be offering client appointments soon.


Lauren started doing hair in 2022 and graduated from Johnny Matthews in Salem, in 2023. After trying multiple different paths and not feeling like it was quite the right fit, she gave doing hair a shot. Art has always been a huge part of her life so going to beauty school just made sense. She absolutely fell in love with doing hair and hasn’t looked back.

After beauty school, she got a job styling hair in Happy Valley. Driving back and forth from Salem to Happy Valley became exhausting so she finally made the move up north and has been loving it ever since. In April 2024, she joined the Ginger & Maude team and can’t wait to meet you all!

Lauren loves anything outdoors so chances are if she’s not in the salon she’s wandering around the forest doing who knows what... or binge watching her favorite TV shows that she has definitely already seen before. 

Favorite Drink: Carmel Macchiato