Lindsey Cronn

Lindsey works at Multnomah Village and Slabtown.

Specializes In:

  • Curly and coily hair textures (including 3a-c and 4a-c hair types)
  • Blonding for both dark hair and light hair
  • Transitioning dark hair to blonde
  • Lived-in blonde
  • Balayage
  • Melty colors
Lindsey's haircuts start at $79.00.

About Lindsey


Lindsey is a Stylist. Stylists are experienced hairstylists.


Lindsey was born and raised in Oregon. She loves the laid back west coast vibe, which is reflected in her style and approach to hair. She was recruited from cosmetology school in 2012 to Seattle, and completed a competitive apprenticeship under Graham Breakwell.

After four years in the luxury hair scene of the PNW, she accepted a position to a luxury salon in the Middle East. This began her career as an international stylist. She completed another 1-year apprenticeship with European artists, and continued to work within an Expat melting pot for another four years. 

Lindsey found that working with all different hair types, personalities, and cultures was truly a magical experience. She is always striving to further her skills to help bring her clients vision to life.  It's her goal to help each person bloom into their greatest version of themselves with hair that suites bone structure, lifestyle, and personal aesthetic. Hair that is a celebration of who you are. She loves soft textures all the way to bold lines. She also has a soft spot for brides and anything romantic and ethereal.

When not in the salon Lindsey loves to create mixed media art, dance, fitness, and hanging out with her son. She's also obsessed with the ocean, forest and large amounts of body glitter.