Molly Fried

Molly works at Slabtown.

Specializes In:

  • Curly Haircuts
  • DevaCurl Haircuts
  • Transitional "Grow Out" Haircuts
  • Short Haircuts
  • Thick Hair
  • Grey Coverage
  • Creative Color 
  • Color Correction
  • Redheads
Molly's haircuts start at $127.00.

About Molly

Lead Stylist

Molly is a Lead Stylist. Lead Stylists are experienced hairstylists who are continually in high demand.


Molly started her beauty career in 2012 at the Cinta Aveda institute in San Francisco. She had been bouncing around different majors in college when she made the decision to turn her textbooks in for scissors and head to beauty school. Doing hair gave her the freedom to be creative as well as help people feel good about themselves…win win! 

After hair school, she completed an intensive apprenticeship at a busy Bay Area salon. There, she was trained in Vidal Sassoon and DevaCurl cutting. She developed a love for curls, blondification, and all things hair! She became an educator for the same apprenticeship that had previously kicked her butt, as well a trainer for Davines North America. She loves education, and believes in learning all the rules so that she can break them! She also believes that there are no rules in hair.

After working in San Fransisco and Berkeley salons for 7 years, Molly recently decided it was time for a big change. She packed up her two furry roommates and headed to Portland to be a part of the Ginger & Maude® team.

Molly is a foodie who drinks too much coffee. During the 6 months that salons in California were closed last year, she took up just about every trendy hobby. She adopted two kittens, embarrassed herself on roller-skates, started biking in neon spandex, and got pretty into comic books. She loves to make beaded jewelry and is usually wearing a pair of her custom earrings.

Favorite Drink: Iced coffee with whatever milk is trendiest