Paige Cassell

Paige works at Multnomah Village and Fremont.

Specializes In:

  • Pixie cuts
  • Youthful, soft cuts
  • Transformational color
  • Blonde
  • Red hair
Paige's haircuts start at $104.00.

About Paige

Lead Stylist

Paige is a Lead Stylist. Lead Stylists are experienced hairstylists who are continually in high demand.


Growing up in the harsh climate of Juneau, Alaska, having flippin’ great hair wasn’t on the top of most priority lists! But Paige has always had an eye for beauty and has been playing with hair ever since her Barbies agreed to let her come near them with kitchen scissors. 

Paige graduated from an alternative high school with only 46 other students. She loved being somewhere everyone looked out for each other, which is why she thrives being a part of Ginger & Maude’s team.

Paige moved to Portland when she was fresh outta high school and started full cosmetology at Paul Mitchell the school Portland, a hair focused program.

Upon licensure, Paige completed a one-on-one apprenticeship with Eileen Halme at Maven Beauty Lab, which furthered her drive to execute your hair goals and work on new techniques.

Some fun facts about Paige:

  • She’s a Cancer sun, Scorpio rising, Leo moon
  • In her free time, you can find her playing Nintendo games, reading fantasy or mystery novels, or going on mindful nature walks around Portland
  • She has a cat named Binky—a big fluffy orange tabby whom she rescued from the Cat Adoption Team

Paige wants you to remember to make good choices, know your worth and she can’t wait to have you in her chair! 

Favorite Drink: Cherry Vanilla Coke