Sofiya Kolycheva

Sofiya works at Multnomah Village and Slabtown.

Specializes In:

  • Bobs
  • Lived-in Lobs
  • Dimensional Blonde
  • Natural Color
Sofiya's haircuts start at $79.00.

About Sofiya


Sofiya is a Stylist. Stylists are experienced hairstylists.


Sofiya was born in Ukraine and her family immigrated to America at a young age. Growing up multicultural has shown Sofiya the importance of creating a warm, welcoming environment that is respectful and inclusive of all. Along with welcoming everyone to her chair, Sofiya is fluent in Russian, so to all Russian-speaking people: Добро пожаловать! (Welcome!)

Sofiya is excited to help you feel your best and have a kind friend to talk to when you’re in her chair. Sofiya enjoys all things in hair, whether that be a big change or just some maintenance.  She loves to chat, but will also love to create a calm, quiet environment if preferred!

Sofiya’s beauty journey started when she was just 5 years old, helping sweep hair for fun at a salon her dad went to. 15 years later, Sofiya graduated from the Aveda Institute Portland and found home at Ginger & Maude.

In her free time, Sofiya enjoys spending time at home with her cats Opal and Cocoa, her snake Scorpio, and her leopard gecko Alberta. Please feel free to ask her about them, she can talk about them for ages. Seriously. They are the frickin' best! When not indoors, Sofiya enjoys long drives and working on restoring her project car, a 1990 Honda CRX. <3

Favorite Drink: Lemon Water Spindrift