Stina Leep

Stina works at Multnomah Village, Slabtown and Fremont.

Specializes In:

  • Fine and Thinning Hair
  • Thick Hair
  • Curly and coily hair textures (including 3a-c and 4a-c hair types)
  • Curly Haircuts
  • Precision Haircuts
  • Short Haircuts
Stina's haircuts start at $147.00.

About Stina

Lead Stylist

Stina is a co-founder and a Lead Stylist. Lead Stylists are experienced hairstylists who are continually in high demand.


Stina started beauty school the week of her 17th birthday, completely oblivious of what hairstyling looked like as a career but looking to do something with herself, and as luck would have it, she loved it.

From there she went on to a high-end salon to do an intense apprenticeship for two years. During that time two major life events happened; She went to Toronto, Ontario, to do two weeks at a Vidal Sassoon Academy®, where she learned the beauty of precision cutting. AND. She met Deanna Everson, the soon-to-be Founder and Owner of Ginger & Maude®. Stina would go on to become one of the first stylists at Ginger & Maude.

Since then, she has gobbled up all the education she could: be it classic cuts with the aforementioned Vidal, or more trendy color classes with various lines like PRAVANA®'s creative colors, and Goldwell®’s custom formulations with Global Educators, not to mention some really fun and fabulous styling classes with a lot of product emphasis. She has worked extensively with KEVIN.MURPHY® products and is also well versed in their color line.

In addition to education related to her craft, Stina continues to gain knowledge and skills for her role as Stylist Manager. She has taken classes about empowering women, non-violent communications, and business management. She uses this knowledge when working with the amazing team that is Ginger & Maude, to help each stylist fulfill their career goals while maintaining a work-life balance.

As Stylist Manager, Stina manages the overall staff performance for all four of the original Ginger & Maude salon locations. Stina works one-on-one with the stylists to create their personal and professional objectives. Because of her compassion, which has been strengthened by her own negative experiences in the hair salon industry, Stina strives to create a safe and positive team atmosphere for all employees at Ginger & Maude.

Stina is in her 15th year in the hairstyling industry and more than 13 years with Ginger & Maude.

Favorite Drink: Diet Coke