Syd Williams


Specializes In:

  • Easy-care Haircuts
  • Balayage Color
  • Foilyage Color
  • Low-maintenance Color
Syd's haircuts start at $79.00.

About Syd


Syd is a Stylist. Stylists are experienced hairstylists.


Syd has had a passion for hair since she was a little kid, giving haircuts to her dolls and setting up a “beauty salon” at the kitchen table for her siblings. As she got older she stained her parents’ bathtub all colors of the rainbow, on more than one occasion, while experimenting on her friends’ hair. When it came time to choose a college, she knew beauty school was the right choice for her.

Syd moved to Portland fresh out of high school, in 2019, to attend Paul Mitchell the School shortly before it’s unforeseen closure due to the pandemic. She didn’t let that stop her from getting her education and moved back to her hometown of Bend, Oregon to finish beauty school, before returning to Portland as soon as she obtained her license. She began an apprenticeship at another salon before landing at Ginger & Maude and completing their education program. Syd loves low-maintenance blonding and a good blow out.

In her free time, Syd can be found spending waaay too much time picking out her outfit, rearranging her furniture, napping with her two orange cats (Cowboy and Gravy), petting strangers’ dogs, doing crafts of all kinds, collecting records, reading books, and playing the guitar with her partner.

Favorite Drink: Hot Vanilla Latte