Tamara Hawkins


Specializes In:

  • Thick Hair
  • Gender-affirming Haircuts
  • Precision Bobs
  • Long, Layered Haircuts
  • Dimensional, Low-maintenance Color
  • Blonde
  • Vivid Colors
Tamara's haircuts start at $79.00.

About Tamara


Tamara is a Stylist. Stylists are experienced hairstylists.


In 2017 Tamara decided to leave the corporate world behind to finally pursue her dream of being a hairstylist. She’s never been happier! She attended Paul Mitchell the School and followed this with a 12-month apprenticeship. Tamara has furthered her knowledge by becoming an educator for a worldwide hair care brand. She has also taken classes with legends in the industry such as Phillip Wilson, Vivienne MacKinder, and Gretchen Maurer. 

Tamara definitely has the travel bug. Just in the last two years, Tamara has journeyed to Scotland, Italy, Brazil, and The Bahamas. She’s not sure where her next adventure will take her, but she’s always excited to add new stamps to her passport. Her biggest travel goal is to visit all seven continents. 

In her spare time, Tamara knits, cross stitches, and quilts. She also loves a good board-game night with friends and trying out new restaurants. She is married to her favorite person, Jason. They enjoy sharing their home with their adorable black cat, Ophelia.

Favorite Drink: Spicy Chai with Oat Milk