Zack Grenon

Zack works at Slabtown and Fremont.

Specializes In:

  • Curly and coily hair textures (including 3a-c and 4a-c hair types)
  • Curly Haircuts
  • Thick hair
  • Fresh and funky hairstyles
  • Perms
  • Wigs
Zack's haircuts start at $116.00.

About Zack

Lead Stylist

Zack is a Lead Stylist. Lead Stylists are experienced hairstylists who are continually in high demand.


Zack was born and raised in South Florida and just moved to Portland in 2018. He has been specializing in cutting and styling for five years, with a strong fondness for cutting curly hair and precision cuts. Being from Florida, Zack gives big, bouncy, sexy blowouts that can last through the most humid climates and will leave you looking ready to enjoy brunch mimosas under your poolside cabana. He enjoys collaborating with his clients, working to really help them bring out their own personal styles as well as enhancing facial features such as bone structures. Outside of fine hair artistry, Zack enjoys makeup, nail polish, animals and wildlife, being a drag queen, worldly cuisines, tequila shots, and laughing with his good time gals.

Favorite Drink: Black Cold Brew