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Do you ever know you need a haircut, but you’ve got roughly a million-billion things to do and appointments to make and have no idea when you would possibly be able to squeak that in except for during one small window of time on a random Tuesday? Have you ever FINALLY found a spot in your calendar that would work for a hair service, but it’s on the current day because something in your schedule fell through, leaving you with a few free hours?

Sometimes the typical 9-5 availability just isn’t feasible, and at Ginger & Maude®, we’re all about accommodating different lifestyles. That’s why our stylists offer service hours ranging from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm across all our locations. But did you know we offer Premium Appointment extended hours as well? Scheduled exclusively over the phone and with a surcharge of 25% on the service price, Premium Appointments are an ideal option when you’re looking for a same-day or same-week appointment with your stylist and find they are fully booked. Simply call or text the salon, and the stylist may be able to offer extended hours in order to fulfill your request! Hey, that’s just the kind of #dreammaking we strive to provide.

So whether you’ve found yourself with an all-caps HAIR EMERGENCY or just an unexpected break in your everyday routine allowing the opportunity for some self-care, give us a call and inquire about a Premium Appointment. We’ll do our absolute best to get you in for the service you need at a time that’s convenient for you, because getting your hair done should be a relaxing experience, even while you’re scheduling.