Is it just us, or does the thought of turning a blow-dryer on your hair in this heat literally cause your eyes to burn with tears (or is it sweat? Who knows)? Bottom line: We just can’t do it. And THANKFULLY, we don’t have to.

You see, our best hair pal KEVIN.MURPHY has a whole line of products that make air-drying an absolute dream of an option, giving us a chance to take a break from the dryer while still achieving flawless locks. Today, Celeste is telling us about a few of her favorite options.

MOTION.LOTION is great for curly and wavy hair because it helps define and enhance curls. It also adds moisture AND it’s a lightweight cream, which means no crunch or caste! For best results, you’ll want to use it straight out of the shower, when your hair is still sopping wet. Rub a small amount between your hands, then comb it through a section of your hair. Give the hair a little shake, a scrunch, and repeat through all sections.

You want flexible hold, definition, and a sleek and smooth look. EASY.RIDER is here to answer the call. To tame flyaways, simply take a small amount, warm it between your fingers, and apply to areas prone to them when your hair is damp. This is also great for any area of your hair where you’re looking for a little more control. EASY.RIDER is lovely for all hair types, but is also formulated to activate curls!

Looking for a little added nourishment? LEAVE-IN.REPAIR is perfect for restoring moisture, strengthening hair, and helping to reduce further damage. Right out of the shower on very wet to gently towel-dried hair, apply about a pump’s worth (can use more if needed) to your mids- and ends and brush it through. Works for all air types, especially those in need of a little extra repairing TLC.

There you have it. Put the blow-dryer down, and use the extra time to fully stock your freezer with popsicles. Stay cool out there.