We KNOW that the main reason for going to a hair salon is to leave with fabulous hair that makes YOU feel good. We also know that the end result is only a part of the overall experience. Because let’s be real, isn’t that big reveal, like, SO much better when we’ve felt comfortable and cared for throughout the process leading up to it?

“Having a comfortable environment is important, because for a lot of people, coming to the salon is one of the few times they get to prioritize themselves and self-care, and I want them to get exactly what they need out of it,” says one of our Stylists, Summer.

And really, that’s what it comes down to. Going to the hair salon is one of the rare times in life when we are actually encouraged to sit back, relax, and take some time for ourselves. So while we’re all about caring for your hair, we’re also committed to caring for YOU. To us, that means creating an environment that can be personalized to meet your needs, such as by offering our Silent and Mirrorless service options; that welcomes each person exactly as they are; and that is filled with stylists who believe in taking the time to let people know that they matter. We want every visit to be your best visit.

Summer prioritizes this by, “reading the client’s responses to the client questionnaire first so I can get to know the guest a bit better before the service. Do we want a more chatty or quiet service? Are head massages a big yes or a hard no?” Then, when it’s time for the appointment, “I let the client set the tone for what they need at the moment and go from there.”

We know that sometimes getting your hair done can feel daunting or even anxiety-provoking, particularly if you’ve had negative experiences at other salons. Our mission is to help ease that in any way we can. That’s why, when you walk into a Ginger & Maude salon, you can be sure your stylist is not only incredibly talented and well-trained but also someone whose goal is to lift you up and make certain you feel seen, heard, and beautiful. It’s just the Ginger & Maude way.