We've all experienced the frustration of realizing we absolutely need to get our hair done, like, yesterday, only to call the salon and find out they have NO availability. FOR WEEKS. 😱

We are for sure not about that travesty. That’s why we’re BIG fans of prebooking, or scheduling your next service before leaving the salon after your hair appointment.

Prebooking is great because different services have different maintenance requirements—shorter crops and allover colors, for example, typically need more frequent visits than longer cuts or balayage—and scheduling ahead is an easy way to stay on top of your hair needs and keep it looking just as fresh as your very first service. It’s also especially important if you're looking to

-work with a specific stylist,
-visit a specific salon,
-come in on a specific day, or
-schedule at a specific time.

Because schedules tend to fill up quickly, waiting to book can often mean your ideal appointment is no longer available. By prebooking, you can ensure that the appointment that works best for YOU is there and ready when the time comes—no guesswork, no stress, no frustration. Just a little personalized moment of self-care already set aside and waiting for you. (Trust us, Future You will be happy-dancing so hard.)

If you come into the salon more often (say, every 4-6 weeks), Lead Stylist Stephanie actually recommends prebooking your next two services, so you never have to worry about missing your moment. And if your style calls for a more spaced-out schedule? Stephanie says, “I think about it like I do booking an appointment at the dentist—schedule it out ahead of time and you don’t have to worry about forgetting. Only, getting your hair done is way more fun.”

While we’re all about prebooking, we know some of y’all feel hesitant to do so because life changes are a real thing and the time that works today may not work in a few weeks. And that’s no problem! Prebooking is meant to ease your stress around your hair appointments—if nothing changes, you know there is already a spot reserved for you. If something comes up and you need to reschedule, just give us a call as soon as you know (within 48 hours of your appointment) and we’ll happily find you something else. Easy, peasy.

So who’s ready to NEVER hear the words, “Sorry, we’re fully booked,” again?!