Tired of hairspray that gets clumpy and gumpy? Sick of hairspray that coats on so thick and stiff you might as well have plastic for hair? AND THEN FLAKES? Over having to use multiple products for wet-, dry-, and heat-styling? 


KEVIN.MURPHY’s SESSION.SPRAY FLEX is—no joke—the dreamiest of dream products.

It doesn’t clump, it doesn’t flake, it doesn’t stiffen out your hair. Just provides a long-lasting, shiny, touchable hold that works for multiple styling starting points. We love a versatile moment.

The secret to its success is Memory Copolymers, which are used to selectively bind to regions of the hair to create a flexible and long-lasting hold, and a special Elasticity Blend made with extracts including Olive Leaf, Grape Seed, and Green Tea, that are known to help increase the elasticity, smoothness, and moisture in your hair. All of this results in a hairspray that will very likely change your life—and your haircare routine.

Our Founder, Deanna Everson, couldn’t agree more (to quote her directly, “This is the greatest product in the history of the world.”), and is sharing her favorite styling tips for working with SESSION.SPRAY FLEX.

First on the list? Using it as a pick-me-up on dry hair that has fallen flat. Simple spray all over at the root, then give a good misting all over your mid-lengths to ends. Grab your blow-dryer and diffuser attachment, and give it a quick dry at the root. (Yes, we realize we’re asking you to blow-dry the hairspray onto already-dry hair. It will be fine.) The result is lifted, shiny, and soft hair that literally SCREAMS, “I woke up like this.”

If you’re a fan of heat-styling, the second tip is for you. Spray dry hair with SESSION.SPRAY FLEX, then grab your hot tool and use it as you otherwise would. You’re welcome for the curl that doesn’t flake and doesn’t fall out, even if you pull on it while it’s hot.

And finally, for those starting with wet hair and looking for some really glorious blow-out results. Concentrate your sprays toward the root of your hair. Blow-dry. Stare in awe at the heights your hair can truly reach. Finish styling (and top off with a final spritz all over). You’re welcome.

If you haven’t tried SESSION.SPRAY FLEX for yourself already, trust us: It. is. TIME. Like, asap, get to your nearest Ginger & Maude to pick yours up (and if you're a subscriber to the Ginger & Maude newsletter, you should definitely check your email before heading over…🤫)