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Great news! It’s GivingTuesday, a day (and global movement) created to spread the idea of radical generosity, or that others' suffering should be as intolerable to us as our own, and ignite systemic change by prioritizing generosity as an everyday part of life worldwide. At the center of this day is one belief: No act of kindness is too small to matter, and today is meant to celebrate each and every act done around the world and encourage even more.

At Ginger & Maude, we absolutely love giving and generosity—it’s interwoven into the very fabric of our business. So far this year, we’ve:

-donated funds in support of Portland youth, especially those in underserved communities, including $3000 to the Native American Youth and Family Center’s scholarship fund and $6000 in scholarships to Black students in Portland who want to attend beauty school.
-offered goods such as a gift card for a fundraising event benefiting Family Dog’s New Life Shelter.
-provided hair services for New Avenues for Youth: SMYRC.
-amplified voices and spread awareness for anti-bullying organizations, Global Cat Day, the Oregon Humane Society, Native- and Indigenous-owned businesses, and B Corp businesses.

For December, our plans include donating $1000 to New Avenues for Youth and sending gift cards to elementary schools in our neighborhoods, but we can't wait to see how else we can create good, both today and throughout the rest of the year.

As you navigate your day, remember that GivingTuesday doesn’t require doing something huge or dramatic. It simply asks us to see the humanity in everyone and treat others with empathy, respect, and a sense of solidarity. Even the simplest act of generosity can make big waves. Say hello to a neighbor. Text or call a friend to say you’re thinking about them. Extend your Use Less Stuff Day intentions to continue doing good for the environment. Donate food to a free fridge or local pantry. See what your employer or favorite nonprofit is doing to get involved and join in (or if they aren't doing anything and you're feeling enthusiastic, see if you can work with them to plan something for next year!). Any act, no matter how big or small, loud or quiet, works to further the cause and spread kindness.

If you’re unsure about where to start, check out the GivingTuesday Generosity Toolbox and How to Participate page.

Want to get your kids involved? That’s awesome! Visit the GivingTuesdaySpark website for tons of great, kid-friendly ideas.

In honor of GivingTuesday, ask yourself, “How many acts of kindness can I fit in today?” And then, start acting.

P.S. Inspire generosity with generosity! Post about your own giving and tag #GivingTuesday to encourage others to get involved.