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From foils to fabulous is what we like to say within these vintage-chic wallpapered walls of the salon!

Let's talk about foilyage (AKA foilayage)! Like the cute parka of yours with the perfect faux-fur fringe, foils keep the hair toasty warm - delivering the natural blonde you’ve been salivating over as you scroll Instagram. Think chocolate root melting into salted caramel ice cream goodness. There we go salivating again.
The end result is easy and soft, with a grow-out that is natural and seamless. *snaps in z-formation*

Oh! And because the process is so versatile, our all-knowing stylists can work with open-air foils and pieces of cotton to nail that desired look. 

Heads up: This service does NOT include a root retouch. If  one is needed, please call the salon to book your appointment.