Bang Trim

If you’re watering your pothos and can’t see when to stop because your bangs are cascading in front of your eyes with a surprising level of aggression, making the most mother-earth-natural task seemingly impossible while interfering with the good vibe reciprocity that should be going on in the moment, the time is yesterday for a bang trim from one of our plant-loving, hair-loving, people-loving stylists.

Please note: Bang Trim services are booked over the phone and allow enough time only to touch up bangs that have already been created. If you'd like bangs where there are currently none, a Bang Creation is the service for you. For anything more extensive, booking a haircut is the way to go.

Bang Creation

One day you wake up and it hits you. With absolute clarity, undeniable certainty, you know it to be true: You. need. bangs. And you need them, like, right now. We get it, and we are so on board with it.


We've all heard one too many stories of at-home bangs gone wrong, so release the kitchen scissors for just a moment and why not give us a call instead? We'll get you scheduled for a Bang Creation ASAP, during which our stylists will sculpt you the bangs of your dreams, ones that are every bit as bangin' as you are.

Before you go: A Bang Creation allows enough time to cut only the hair around your face. If you're needing more of a one-stop-shop situation (i.e. you woke up thinking, "I need bangs," and also, "My god, look at these split ends!"), go ahead and book yourself a good ol' fashion haircut. For bangs needing a quick re-sprucing, call or text the salon to book a Bang Trim!

Root Touch-up (Color)

There are some things in life you can just count on– like your roots making their triumphant return around the eight week mark.

Book this appointment for universal color application at the roots. Heads up: this service does not use bleach or foils. Check out our bleach retouch or highlights appointment options if you're looking for a retouch for bleach and highlights.

Base Break

Everyone likes a smooth transition. Abrupt switcheroos can be so unnerving and makes us feel out of step. Like that time in marching band... 

Same, same for highlighted hair. A little smudge will do to hide your highlight grow-out. Blending the roots into your highlights so the contrast isn’t too stark, a base break is a sweet little touchup that’ll update your look - so that all is in harmonious flow.