As a locally-owned business, we are ALL about supporting our locals- we desire to reinforce the bonds in our community by doing just that! In times like the current, we know how hard it can be for small businesses to thrive. So we thought we'd share our top FIVE all-time favorite POC-owned bakeries and cafes right here in Bridge City!

In no particular order...

1. DB Dessert Company

DB Dessert Company specializes in desserts, pastries, and custom cakes. In the spirit of Fall, please do yourself a favor and try the Peach Cobbler cupcake. And just because we all deserve to enjoy sweet goods, go ahead and grab a White Chocolate Raspberry cupcake while you're at it. Truly divine.

With a focus on community, DB offers workshops! That's right- they want to SHARE their skills with us! Go ahead, become a cake-decorating queen this Halloween! Sign up for DB's Virtual Spooktacular Cake Decorating class here!


2. Fat Cupcake

They are no ordinary bakery! Fat Cupcake is out here running some serious cupcake GAME. From vegan to wheat-free options, Fat Cupcake has cakes and cupcakes for virtually every occasion. What's that? You just got broken up with? No problem! FC literally has a whole friggin' cake for that too! Made up of four types of chocolate, The Breakup, will have you forgetting how you ended up eating cake in the bathtub with a bottle of wine at hand!


3. La Perlita

Alright, prepare yourself. Not only does La Perlita serve ethically sourced coffee beans (roasted according to bean type), but they also have the best tortas in town- vegans, stand back. Their "Torta de pancita" wouldn't be justified by calling it a "pork belly sandwich", so if you can't pronounce it, then you'll have to go try one to really understand it's the greatness; the power.

Proud to serve the tastes of their culture, La Perlita has so much to offer! Coffee, Tortas, and Conchas- this first-gen Mexican-American owned shop is not holding back!


4. La Reinita

Previously Wyld Bread, La Reinita is a panaderia urbana or urban bakery. Journey deeper into your roots through every bite of La Reinita's most delicious bread. To create a sense of home, or share the feeling with others who have yet to experience the comforting foods of Mexican and Colombian heritage, this urban bakery understands the value of sharing tasty, memorable foods.

Due to current circumstances, La Reinita is offering deliveries as of October 9th! Get your orders... ordered!


5. Favel Brazilian Cafe

Your favorite Brazilian gem in FOPO! Favel, a family-run cafe located only blocks away from our Southeast location, harbors everything from traditional Brazilian snacks, market goods, fruit juices, and coffee.

Authentic, genuine, and cozy, this sweet spot is the perfect place to take in some warmth during the brisk Portland days that await us.


Well, there you have it, folx! Five MUST-visit cafes and bakeries right here, in our home-base. Go ahead and indulge in the sweet and savory treats these fabulous locals have to offer- and of course, share, share, share!


Find their websites by clicking the pink titles.