If you’ve been into one of our salons, you know we are diehard KEVIN.MURPHY people. We love KEVIN.MURPHY. They use quality, clean ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging; are responsible in how they use our natural resources and never test on animals; work literal wonders on hair; and perhaps MOST importantly, they all smell, like, really good.

If you're curious to try them but maybe aren't sure how to integrate them into your current haircare routine, consider these swap ideas for some of Meg's favorite KEVIN.MURPHY products (plus, as a bonus, stay ‘til the end to learn her all-time favorite KEVIN.MURPHY product!).

If you love Aveda's Heat Relief spray, you'll be a big fan of HEATED.DEFENSE. Not only does it bring the heat when it comes to protecting your hair—keeping your locks safe up to 450° F (although, as Meg says, “This is TOO hot. Your hair is not pizza.”)—this lightweight foaming leave-in helps to smooth, detangle, and soften hair.

If you're a fan of Kirkland's Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, you will fall head-over-heels for this dynamic duo. We’re not going to lie—they’re more spendy than the Kirkland option, but in return, you get an eco-friendly product that continuously and reliably nourishes, smoothes, and hydrates, and is overall better for your hair (no shade to Costco, we love you). Real talk, if it tells you ANYTHING about how amazing this wash and rinse are, within the salon, these products are the favorite favorites; they are always two of our top three best sellers.

Olaplex gets a lot of attention, and for good reason. That being said, many folks don’t actually have access to the full Olaplex system, since part of it (No. 1 and No. 2) is only available in the salon or through salon supply stores only accessible by stylists. RE.STORE and the entirety of the REPAIR line (REPAIR.ME.WASH, REPAIR.ME.RINSE, and LEAVE-IN.REPAIR) is a system that you can fully access on your own that will absolutely change your hair for the better and comes in especially handy if you’re big on bleaching or heat styling. “I love being blonde, but it’s really hard on your hair. RE.STORE absolutely brings your hair back to life,” Meg says. This is the third step in a system that, when used all together, will repair, renew, and restore even very sad hair that has been damaged or over-processed. RE.STORE, in particular, we hold especially near and dear because it is a co-wash, meaning on the days you want to clean your hair without actually shampooing, this product will be there for you until the very end.

And NOW... ready to find out Meg’s all-time FAVORITE KEVIN.MURPHY product? It is… (drumroll please)

This is a hands-down, no kidding, amazing product. In the world of haircare products, Meg describes it as her Frank’s Red Hot—“I put it on pretty much everybody.” And acting as both a leave-in treatment AND a styling product, who can blame her? Whether you want a scrunch-and-go or an extra-smooth blowout, SMOOTH.AGAIN will come through, capturing all those pesky flyaways and leaving your hair #flawless. And what product would Meg compare it to? “I don’t have one. This is my favorite KEVIN.MURPHY product of all time. I don’t think there is anything else like this on the market.”

You can find all of these products in any of our locations. And if you’re curious but not ready to fully commit? Call or text 971.267.4080 to see if we have a travel size available, or better yet, schedule an appointment to see it in action and get some styling tips in the process. 😏