Ginger’s own BODY-INCLUSIVE CUTTING CAPES are here! Hallelujah! 


So many of us have been there. You are all excited for your spa day. You roll in ready for some self love. Then you’re handed a robe that is enough to cover half your body, and because you love both halves equally and wouldn't dare give preferential treatment to just one, you forgo the total spa robe experience and opt for your swimsuit - throwing your robe over your shoulders like a high-end spa shawl. You pull it off magically and become the envy of the spa, but inside your mind you’re really just wanting to wear the soft, fluffy, waffled spa robe tied comfortably at the waist. 



And then you hit up your favorite salon and find yourself in the same situation. Except this time, the discomfort comes at the neck - where you have to choose between breathing comfortably (but have hair snippets covering your new matching crop sweatshirt and joggers) OR really lean into the lack of oxygen with a cape tighter than all get out. But at least  your joggers are hair free. 




Deanna Everson, Ginger & Maude Founder, knows the beautiful people of Portland - of all sizes - deserve better than this. So she went to work with a local designer to create THE perfect cutting cape solution that is comfortable for all - no matter one’s gorgeous shape or size. 


The outcome? A cutting cape with multiple neck buttons for adjustable comfort (finally!) and enough fabric to stay shut (finally!). Ginger’s own cape is truly made for everyone. You, you, you and you! Of course, you!

Now the experience? Walk in. Get a cape. Put it on. Feel comfortable. Feel beautiful. Easy. Like it always should be.