Malibu Makeover and Blowdry

You may be fresh off the waves with your board …. or you may be a Portlander who mistakes the heat of the sun for an overly aggressive heat lamp (it’s happened to the best of us) and is subjected to extremely hard shower water with less than ideal chlorine levels.  
No matter which boat you land in, the Malibu Makeover service rescues your precious locks from frizz, dullness, and seasonal vulnerabilities with a heroic ferver not too dissimilar from that which was displayed by the lifeguard that pulled you from the rough water after an overpromising inflatable unicorn didn’t hold up to its end of the deal. 
This two-step treatment removes hard water minerals from the hair while transforming tone, texture, vibrancy and hair strength. A blow dry style is included. The inflatable unicorn is not - because we care about you. 

Flat Ironing with Highly Textured Cleanse

When the objective is smooth, sleek, and shiny - simply say the word. Our Flat Iron with Highly Textured Cleanse service is poised to tame frizzy locks and put them in their proper place - allowing your look to radiate at maximum wow-factor levels. Why settle for less, really? You’re you. 
Whether you add this service to your regular cut or color appointment (one of our favorite ways to show off your new look) or as a stand alone booking, this service kicks off with a clarifying treatment followed by a rich, hydrating conditioning treatment and scalp massage to stimulate hair growth. 
This goodness is then followed up with a flat wrap dry with products designed to keep your hair happy and healthy when subjected to heat. Then the real magic: the flat iron style of your choice.