For the times when your attempt at the latest hair color trend goes so opposite of as planned, you realize a bit too late that your desire to dye your hair jet black was actually only a bad-day impulse, or you’re simply over your current look and wanting something lighter, enter the Color Correction—a service born specifically to swoop in and save the day when our color dreams have gone astray.

This service is meant to do exactly what the name implies: correct, or remove, unwanted color to get you back to hair that could *easily* be the next big thing.

But hold up for just a quick sec because we're all about being real, and the real truth is that Color Corrections can be simple and straightforward, and they can also be quite complex, requiring multiple sessions of multiple hours. It just depends on what we're starting with and where we're trying to go. We’ll have you stop in for a quick complimentary consultation first to get it all figured out; like the champion they are, your stylist will give you the ins and out of what you can expect, including cost, and after that, simply sit back and get ready to meet the new (or old, if you're going back to your OG color) you.