You know we love a good recycling moment. But did you know that certain containers, even those made with the best of intentions, are not actually able to be recycled curbside?

While some may see this as a sad end to their sustainability dreams, WE raise our glimmering eyes to meet the opportunity that has just come knocking, excitedly chanting under our breath, “Don’t lose it, REUSE it.”

Okay, so maybe it isn’t that dramatic, but seriously, while it’s a bummer when a container can’t easily be recycled, rather than toss it in the trash (sad face), why not use it instead for storing odds and ends around the house? (Bonus note that this will also add up to savings in the long run, since it means fewer storage items you’ll need to purchase for the same purpose.)

Take the KEVIN.MURPHY boxes EASY.RIDER and FREE.HOLD come in, for example. Once all the goodness inside has lovingly served its hair duties, they make great holders for things like bobby pins, hair elastics, cotton swabs… pretty much all those smaller necessities you randomly find EVERYWHERE until the moment you actually need one (or is that just us? 😬). And since we’re all about making sustainability more achievable, for a limited time we’re carrying custom Ginger & Maude labels in all the salons that can be applied over the top, allowing you space to note the new contents for quick locating and organization. They’re easy to apply and stand up to both water and oil, making them ideal for bathroom storage. While they are specifically designed for the KEVIN.MURPHY containers mentioned above, feel free to get creative and use them on any you’re repurposing! *Cue a tune of reusable possibilities*

The best part is, they are completely free of charge! Just ask about them the next time you’re in the salon. Don’t wait too long, though. Once we run out, their gone for good.

P.S. We recommend a permanent marker for labeling them, but if you’re interested in switching out the contents, a dry-erase one should work just fine too.