2022 hair forecast.jpeg

Can you believe it is already just a week away from the year 2022? If you need to hear this, it is not February of 2020. We know. We need to hear it too. Despite what it feels like, time keeps on ticking, and so do the hair trends for the new year. 

So what are they? We asked Ginger Stylist, Molly Fried, to fill us in on what we can expect for our 2022 hair forecast. Here’s what she had to say:

  1. Lean into the more “low maintenance” style. We’ve been seeing this trend as the result of the last year or two.  

  2. Embracing natural curls. If you’ve got them, embrace them. This isn’t the time to fight them or erase them. Let those curls shine! 

  3. Embracing natural color. People who have been doing highlights and dimensional colors are now going for more monochromatic looks.  

  4. Middle parts and curtain bangs are here to stay! 

Happy New Year, friends. Let’s make this the best year (or something close to a super great normal year) ever. Hands in. On three.