If you love the idea of livening up your locks but aren’t so much a fan of the maintenance schedule that often comes with doing so, we might have your solution to laid-back fabulousness.

Enter the Balayage Color Service.

Syd is giving us the highlights of this lightening service and why it just might be the perfect option to make your hair dreams come true.

What is balayage?
Balayage is a lightening technique that is hand-painted and processed without using foils. This results in a more subtle lifting, or lightening, of the hair that looks more dimensional and natural. (Think “Don’t mind me, I’ve just been bathing in the sun for the last week.”)

What results can be achieved with balayage?
A lot! What I love about balayage is that it is so versatile, customizable, and buildable. A more traditional balayage will be more rooted—so you’ll have more of a visible root—with pops of color throughout the length and more brightness on the ends.

You can also get a highlight or babylight effect that is lower maintenance with a softer grow-out than traditional highlights or babylights, and if you raise your hand for that little something extra, money pieces and Fashion Shade add-ons are very doable.

Is it only for blonding?
Absolutely NOT. Balayage does not equate exclusively to being blonde. It is for all hair colors, and I personally love a brunette balayage. Because it is so buildable as well, if you have brunette hair or darker, over more sessions, we can get your hair so it has those little pops of blonde throughout without being a root-to-ends situation.

Who is it good for?
Since you don’t get as much lift with balayage, it’s great for people who’d like to add dimension to their hair, but aren’t looking for a huge change all at once. Brightness is definitely still achievable, it just takes more sessions and is more gradual—similar to how our hair lightens during the summer.

It’s also great for folks who want something that will grow out well so they can keep a more relaxed maintenance schedule.

Who do you not recommend it for?
If you are someone who wants a big, bold change, or who wants to get as blonde as possible as fast as possible, balayage is probably not for you.

What is important for folks to know?
It’s important for clients to know that you’re not going to get a ton of lift from balayage right off the bat. It will bring you up a few levels each time, so depending on your final goal, it could take multiple sessions to achieve the look in your inspo photo. The beauty of balayage, though, is that it will look great through each of those different levels.

What is the maintenance like?
I have clients who come in only 1-2 times a year, and I have clients who come in every ten weeks. It honestly just depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. I typically gravitate toward giving a balayage that has that softer grow-out so it can be more of a low-maintenance color. 

Ready for your own balayage moment? Book with Syd online or call the salon to set up a consultation to chat more!