If finding the best styling product for your wavy, curly, or coily hair has you feeling like you’re walking in loops, Celeste might be able to help. She’s giving us the rundown on KEVIN.MURPHY’s KILLER styling line, which was designed specifically to enhance, define, and refine these hair types to achieve truly killer curls. Her top tips for deciding which to use?

“Figure out where your hair falls between fine and coarse, and consider whether you’ll be air-drying or diffusing.”

Wait! Before you scroll past thinking, “I need something for curls not waves,” know that, despite the name, this one is not exclusively for waves. The focus of this product is fine hair—with a light hold to create definition, this spray is great for enhancing curls and waves without weighing your hair down. 

(Have fine hair but prefer a lotion? Consider MOTION.LOTION!)

Prefer to air dry? KILLER.TWIRLS is here for the win, whether your curls are natural or permed. Refining, defining, and moisturizing, this one dries with a light cast for a soft finish that isn’t crunchy or hard.

If you diffuse for your dream curls, this curl-defining crème provides heat protection up to 420° F. Offering the perfect balance between strong hold and elasticity, KILLER.CURLS is ideal for medium to coarse wavy, curly, and coily hair types.

P.S. Looking to define, strengthen, and nourish your curls before you begin styling? Round out your curl-care routine with KILLER.CURLS WASH and RINSE!