You want the shimmer, the shine, the glitter, the flare. You’re after the fairy-hair-don't-care vibe. And we think you should have that. 

In just thirty minutes, you'll leave the salon with up to twenty strands of tinsel adorning your locks that can withstand color, bleach, and heat up to 400°F. Because they’re attached to individual strands of hair, they’ll stay in for up to six weeks, depending on your natural hair's shed schedule.

Looking for even more glimmer? Call, text, or email the salon and shout it proudwe're not gonna hold you back. We can easily extend your service to allow time for additional tinsel to be added. And if your haircut or color appointment is already planned, but you suddenly find yourself with an urgent need to be tinseled? Fear not. We can make that happen for just $4.00 a strand.

So go on, then. Live that sparkle life.