A good blowout can work wonders, but raise your hand if the idea of doing one on yourself at home ever feels a little… intimidating. 🙋‍♀️ 

Yeah, we see you. With all the blow-dryer attachments and brush options out there, it can be a lot to decide which ones are the right ones for you (let alone figure out how you’re actually supposed to use them when you do!).

But we’re also here to tell you that you can DEFINITELY pull it off. Today, Paige is showing us exactly what we need to do to get a sleek and polished blowout that is also secretly very simple. 🤫 Seriously! We know there are a lot of steps below, but this blowout really only requires one movement with the round brush (and we promise no acrobatic twists and turns of the hair). Get it down and you’ll have everyone thinking you just left the salon every day!

Materials Needed:
-Blow-dryer with a styling concentrator attachment
-At least one round brush (Paige uses a 1.8 on her hair and a 1.4 on her bangs, but as long as one is bigger and one is smaller, you should be good to go, and if you don’t have bangs, one size should be totally fine!)
-Paddle brush (for brushing through the detangler)
-Detangler (Paige is using KEVIN.MURPHY’s UN.TANGLED)
-Blow-dry spray (Paige is using KEVIN.MURPHY’s EVER.SMOOTH)
-Finishing spray (Paige is using KEVIN.MURPHY’s SHIMMER.SHINE)
-Hairspray (Paige is using KEVIN.MURPHY’s SESSION.SPRAY FLEX)

  1. Spray hair with detangler and brush through.
  2. Set your blow-dryer (no attachment) on its highest setting and do a quick rough dry on your hair (think about 80% dry).
  3. Attach the styling concentrator.
  4. Take the smaller round brush, and first blow-dry and brush your bangs down on top of your forehead to get them centered.
  5. Place the brush on the underside of your bangs. Position the blow-dryer at a slight angle on the top side of your hair (think like a hair sandwich) and pull it and the brush out toward the ends while rolling the brush in toward your face. Repeat until dry (see video for a visual). (Pro tip: This pull-and-roll movement will be the only one needed for this style.)
  6. Separate your hair roughly in half (like you’re doing a half ponytail) and secure the top half to keep it out of the way. Separate the lower half into front (on either side of your head) and back sections. You may need to pull up more hair in the back for quicker blow-drying.
  7. Spray all over with your blow-dry spray and run your fingers through your hair to distribute.
  8. Using your larger round brush, take a bit of one of the front sections and place the brush on the underside of the hair. Don’t be afraid to brush through a few times to get it situated.
  9. Hold the blow-dryer against the top side of your hair and pull it and the brush out towards the end while rolling the brush in towards your head. Pay special attention to blow-drying the ends to get them to curve in! Repeat on all hair in the two front sections until dry.
  10. For the back, hold the blow-dryer a bit above your head and quickly move it back and forth while brushing your hair in a downward motion (likely how you would normally brush your hair).
  11. Let down the top section, give another spritz of blow-dry spray and another quick rough dry, then repeat steps 8-10.
  12. For face-framing pieces, do the same pull-and-roll motion, only position the brush on the top part of the hair and the blow-dryer on the underside, then roll in the opposite direction (towards the back of your head) to add some contrast.
  13. Repeat step 5 to touch up your bangs if desired.
  14. Spray all over with your finishing spray.
  15. Secure contrasting face-framing pieces with a touch of hairspray.
  16. Make any final adjustments, throw yourself a thumbs up in the mirror for being awesome, and you’re on your merry way!

P.S. If you’re still feeling like, “Yeah, that’s gonna be a ‘no’ from me, dawg,” that’s okay too. Schedule a Shampoo and Blow-dry service and we’ll take care of the rest.