Nearly eight years ago, Reegan started as an apprentice at Ginger & Maude. Today, she is a Lead Stylist, training apprentices who are just starting in the salon. (Could this be any more PERFECTLY full circle?!)

We’re talking to her a little more about her journey as a hairstylist and how it feels to be guiding those embarking on their own.

Q: What started your journey as a hairstylist?
A: While growing up, school was always challenging for me. Luckily, I have parents who really saw that and understood! My mom suggested hair as a career for many years, to which I responded with some flippant remark like, “You don’t know me or my dreams.”
HA. Well, joke’s on me. A hands-on trade was just what I needed. And my mom gets to say I told you so!

Q: Why did you choose Ginger & Maude as home?
A: I knew I wanted an apprenticeship after leaving school, and that I wanted to work for a salon that was stylist-owned. About halfway through my two-year program, I found Ginger & Maude. I loved what they stood for, the care they took of not only their clients but also their staff.
With a lot of “Hey, it’s me again” emails, shadowing hours, and patience, they had a spot open!

Q: How does it feel coming full circle, going from being an apprentice to having one?
A: Well, once I got over the whole “Who would want to learn from me?” imposter syndrome I was feeling, like a perfect fit!
My whole career has been about collecting small tools and knowledge—whether about hair type, color formulas, how to meet a client where they are emotionally, etc.—so I can pull them out and handle whatever situation is in my chair. Now, I get to share those tools with someone else! Hopefully helping them become better and feel more confident starting off their own hair career!

Q: What has been your greatest challenge as a hairstylist?
A: Finding confidence in myself.
As the professional, you hold the ability and the obligation to help clients get to their desired result. Sometimes that means stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new, and sometimes that means telling the client no (for X reasons). Both take confidence to stand your ground or be open to learning from the experience in front of you.

Q: Tell us about your greatest success?
A: The relationships I have with my clients are my greatest success! I get to meet people from all walks of life and provide them with self-care.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a hairstylist?
A: My clients! I like to say I’m in it for the people, and getting to do fun, beautiful hair at the same time is a plus!

Q: How does the Ginger & Maude apprentice program set stylists up for success or how is it different from other salons?
A: At Ginger & Maude, we know this career can be challenging for all stylists at different times and in different ways. Our program is different because we don’t say, “Here, you have X amount of time to learn, and then it’s sink or swim.”
You matter as a person to us, and we want you to be successful both behind the chair and in the outside world.
Our standards are high, yes, but that starts at the top. Our owners are constantly looking for ways to improve the work environment and client experience. Our in-house Education Director is always available to be a sounding board or help with a client who needs extra work and time. Our front desk team is amazing and makes our jobs so much easier, so we’re able to come in and focus on our clients and their hair.
I personally couldn’t imagine another career that would give me what this does, and it’s partly because of the place I have chosen as my salon home. There is a reason I have been here for almost eight years; we don’t just love hair, we love people, and that shows through all aspects of the company. 

Q: Any advice for anyone considering a career in hair?
A: Being a hairstylist is not just about hair. You become people’s listening ear, advice-giver, good friend. You walk with them through life's biggest milestones. I feel honored my clients trust me in the ways they do.
Also, having strong boundaries is important, and learning from others is needed.

We are so grateful to have Reegan as part of our team, and seriously so proud of all she has accomplished since she first walked through our doors. She is honestly just the best. 💗

Be sure to give her a “Huzzah!” during your next appointment with her (and say, “Hi!” to her apprentice, Alex!).