We've got some exciting news! After years of clients absolutely LOVING the Ginger & Maude-exclusive product we use in our Scalp Treatment services, it is now finally available for retail purchase, meaning your at-home haircare routine just got a WHOLE LOT more glamorous. 

Today, we’re sitting down with Deanna, creator of the product, to get a little more info (including all the insider tips on how to use it!):

Why should we be using it?
Flaky, itchy, irritated scalps happen. It’s completely normal, and it’s also a bit of a drag. With Fabulous.Hair.Shit Scalp Treatment, we’re not only addressing the cause of the problem by soothing inflammation, controlling sebum production, promoting hydration, and protecting the hair and cuticle, we’re also providing nourishment for your hair while cleansing, detangling, and moisturizing. As an added bonus for our friends with color-treated locks, it prevents fade, meaning you get to enjoy your color for even longer.

What you’ll find inside:
Okay, so let’s just get this out of the way, this product contains Apple Cider Vinegar, which is, no joke, a game-changing ingredient. It clarifies, detangles, and stimulates a healthy scalp; protects and extends the longevity of color-treated hair color, making it last longer; AND encourages hair growth. We live. But because of that, you might be worried about it also including that horrid vinegar smell. FEAR NOT. The addition of Lavender Water not only reduces dandruff, soothes itchy scalp, and controls sebum production while softening, hydrating, and promoting shine, it also helps to balance and mask that vinegary scent, leading to a much more enjoyable experience. All the lovely benefits of the ACV, now without the overly strong smell!

In addition, you’ll also find such goodness as:

Aloe Vera: Contains antifungal properties that reduce dandruff, calm itchy scalp, and clean oil from the hair shaft

Argan Oil: Restores hair's elasticity and shine, minimizes frizz, and soothes dry and itchy scalp

Artichoke Leaf Extract: Protects hair and scalp from UV rays, preserves the hair cuticle, and reduces scalp inflammation.

Baobab Protein: Instantly conditions and softens the hair, reinforces strands for improved strength, returns elasticity, and reduces breakage. Also, has anti-aging and moisturizing properties, and greatly reduces hair damage from harsh chemicals.

And perhaps most importantly, this scalp treatment product is organic, vegan, and cruelty-free!

Who should be using it?
In our completely unbiased opinion, everyone! This product is great for all hair and skin types. ALL of them. You’ll especially benefit from it if you
-experience dry, itchy scalp or dandruff that gets worse with season changes.
-prefer an air-dry moment.
-have thick, coarse, or curly hair that tangles easily.
-are looking for the benefits of ACV but don’t want to be subjected to that awful STANCH (Deanna’s new word for a particularly strong stench). 

Who should hold off?
If you have extra fine hair, we would only recommend using this as a scalp treatment—the oils might get a bit too heavy if using it as a rinse.

If you are allergic to lavender, we would recommend steering clear as well, as we use organic lavender water to help calm the smell of the apple cider vinegar. (Obviously, if you’re allergic to any of its other ingredients, you also shouldn’t use it.)

How do I use it?
Fabulous.Hair.Shit Scalp Treatment can be used in two different ways:

(1) as a weekly or as-needed scalp treatment.

If you’re using it as a scalp treatment, apply a thin layer directly to your dry scalp in 1-inch sections. Make it a spa moment and gently massage it in for two minutes. Then, sit back and relax for ten minutes. Meditate, read a book, stare at a wall, whatever helps you feel the moment and pass the time. (Be patient, it’s worth it!) Rinse it out completely with warm water. Radiate in the nourishing glory.

(2) as a moisturizing cleansing rinse in between shampoo days.

If you’re using it as a cleansing rinse, saturate your hair with water and then squeeze out 2-4 tbsp of product all over it (no need to break out the spoons, an estimation will work just fine). Work it into your hair and scalp, then practice a breathing exercise for two minutes while you let it sit. Rinse it out completely, and you’re set. (Skip the conditioner; you won’t need it.)

P.S. Consider applying a leave-in conditioner with UV protectant to guard your hair and scalp against the sun’s rays when you go outside! (We love a UV-protection moment.)

But what do clients think?
See for yourself!

You can pick up your own Fabulous.Hair.Shit Scalp Treatment at any of the Ginger & Maude salon locations! Change your scalp, change your life.