Here’s a story for you: It was a typical day at the salon, filled with sustainable practices and general fabulousness. You know, the usual. Suddenly, from the doorway, a poof of sparkles shot into the air. When the fairy dust settled, there stood a beautiful Leia, smiling and bedecked in aaaall the colors. The simple fact of her presence made us all feel a little more joyous about life.

Q: Tell us about yourself!
A: I'm an artistic, weird, queer person! I love animals, nature, painting, and long conversations about the meaning of existence. I spend a lot of time in rural places, doing country girl stuff such as drinking White Claw around a bonfire. You'll find me on the trails riding my horse or staring up into the night sky feeling small.  

Q: What inspired you to become a hairstylist?
A: After a long emotional journey of self-love, I want to help others feel at home in their skin the way I have learned to. Self-expression is so vital to our well-being, and hair is the signature of that expression. 

Q: What are you most looking forward to about working with the Ginger community?
A: Ginger's message of radical self-love is something near and dear to my heart. I feel incredibly welcomed by the Ginger family, and I can't wait to find my artistic voice and make meaningful connections of love and support with all the beautiful humans who choose to sit in my chair!

Q: What would your superpower be?
A: Telekinesis! It's a twofer because I can use the powers to fly as well as move other things. 

Q: You have some of the most continually colorful hair in the salon--what's the story behind it?
A: My colorful hair is one of the ways I allow myself to be vibrant and loud in a world that tells me I should tone it down. My ultimate goal is to look like some sort of otherworldly magical being. As someone who struggles with self-esteem, there have been many times in my life when I wanted to just shrink into the background, and bright rainbow hair is the perfect antidote!

Q: What should folks know about the process if they'd also like a beautiful rainbow head of hair like yours?
A: To live your rainbow dreams, book a consultation so we can see your hair and make a game plan. Pastel hair is a very individualized process and could require multiple sessions to achieve. Maintenance looks like frequent touch-ups, bond-building treatments, and shampooing less often with a color-conserving shampoo (like
KEVIN.MURPHY’S new EVERLASTING.COLOUR WASH!). The pastel life isn't for everyone, but it sure is fun to feel like a fairy princess!

You can follow Leia’s stylist journey on her Instagram, @alchemy.hair.design, and hear her laughter filling our Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest locations. Call or text the salon at 971.267.4080, or go online to book your service with her!