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At Ginger & Maude® we believe harmful practices should be fully acknowledged–without sugarcoating–and accountability should be taken. Then, we need to work to fix it. 

The truth of the matter is that a long history of racism within the beauty industry means stylists are not taught to work with highly textured hair or Black hair in school, and there’s little push to learn it on their own once they’re licensed. That’s why we started seeking out education for ourselves, because our salons should be a safe space for everybody and every body, and we realized our initial skillsets meant a lot of folks were being left out.

We are so grateful to have had Curry and Siir Cole of @beadandcowrie back at the salon with Black Beauty School: Hair Color Edition. They offered us a wealth of knowledge on applying color to Black folks’ hair, and perhaps to an even greater end, asked us to get really honest with ourselves about the role we all play in the perpetuation of racist and anti-Black practices within the industry and our communities, and how we can change it.

It’s also why we started our Learning Exchange program–which offers complimentary hair services to Black folks in exchange for their time and patience as our stylists work to enhance their abilities with extra-tightly curled and coily hair–to ensure every stylist working in the salon has, not just the skill and knowledge to work with all hair types, but the respect and humanity to care for and support each and every person who walks through our doors, especially those who have continually been overlooked and/or outright discriminated against.

To be sure, one or two classes are not enough. Fighting racism and anti-Blackness requires continual individual and collective action. Our Learning Exchange is just one step, and we are so appreciative of all who’ve joined us as we continue to educate ourselves to make sure Ginger is a place where all folks feel seen, heard, and respected.

Because hair care is for everyone, and we intend to make sure that’s true.


If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of our Learning Exchange, call or text the salon at 971.267.4080, or email appointments@gingerandmaude.com to learn more and set up an appointment. Services can include consulting, detangling, cleansing, cutting, finishing, product guidance, and hair coloring.