You know what we think? We think a great hairdo is priority number one. But we ALSO know that the salon that fabulous hair is cared for in can make all the difference.

Each of our boutique Portland salons is as unique as the neighborhood it’s in, so whether your vibe is quaint and vintage or open and modern, you can be sure we have a welcoming and comfortable space for you and your hair dreams.

Multnomah Village:
7657 SW Capitol Hwy

You know that ever-stylish grandma who keeps her candy dish filled, her walls even more so with pictures of her dearly beloveds, and is always ready with a witty story or pithy advice? That’s our Multnomah Village location. It perfectly encapsulates that modern nostalgia vibe, and we live for it.

What our Stylists love about it:
I love that it feels like it's part of a community. A lot of the clients coming to this salon live so close by, and being able to meet and chat with people from the other businesses is really great. I even get my teeth cleaned right up the street from here!” –May, Lead Stylist

1552 NW 19th Ave

A modern dream. Our Slabtown location is a spacious, three-chair salon that manages to feel both open and intimate. It’s a great fit for folks working and living in the city, but also, did we mention the Barbie bathroom?

What our Stylists love about it:
“I love that it’s the biggest of all the locations and that I can walk to it from my apartment. Also, it’s the only location with a robot cat that looks like taxidermy, and the Thai restaurant two blocks away is my favorite spot for dinner during evening shifts.” –Zack, Lead stylist

“I love the openness of the salon and the natural light; it adds a tranquility to the space. The community is great too.” –Jennifer, Stylist

1319 NE Fremont St

Love a vintage vibe? Our two-chair Fremont location is your friendly neighborhood salon offering a quiet getaway on a bustling street with restaurants galore for a quick bite afterward.  

What our Stylists love about it:
“I love that it feels like the neighborhood. It’s homey and very cozy feeling, like you’re in your living room getting your hair done. It's great for my clients who have sensory sensitivities, for example, who don’t like loud noises or get uncomfortable around a lot of people. Plus, it's a very pedestrian-friendly area and has great restaurants, which is perfect for that take-out vibe. I actually don't even live close by. I drive 25 miles to come work here because it's so intimate and chill.” –Stephanie, Lead Stylist

6313 SE Holgate Blvd

Nestled amongst a plethora of outrageously cutie shops, our Foster-Powell neighborhood location is a two-chair salon that brings the comfy gramma charm all day, every day. Care for a cup of tea?

What our Stylists love about it:
“Foster-Powell has had so many changes over the last ten years. We came in about 8 years ago, so it feels like we’ve really grown with the community. It feels like I know the people who are our neighbors. We also have a ton of light in here, so it feels very cat-nap energy and cozy.” –Reegan, Lead Stylist

We love having a salon in each of Portland’s quadrants because it gives us more opportunities to connect with and be available for our community. Not to mention, we get to meet YOU. See you soon!