Here’s a quick fact: Not every stylist is going to be an ideal fit for you. 
And guess what? THAT’S OKAY!

Just like with location, how you feel about the stylist doing your hair can make a pretty big difference (honestly, probably a bigger one), so ensuring the person you’ve entrusted your locks to is a good fit in skill, specialty, and personality is an important and worthwhile step to feeling confident and comfortable when taking a seat in a new salon chair.

We know this can be nerve-racking, particularly if you’ve had a previous negative experience getting your hair done; we also know it’s magic when you find that one stylist who just… gets it.
That’s why we do our best to take out the guesswork for you.
While all of our stylists are highly trained and skilled, did you know they all have their specialties listed on our website? Perusing stylist bios is a great way to figure out who might work well with you and your specific needs. We also offer free Hair Consultation appointments, giving you a chance to meet your stylist to confirm y’all would be a good match. And feel free to ask questions and bring your inspo photos! This will give you and the stylist a point of reference for achieving your goals, and will also give them a visual idea of what you’d like to make sure you’re all on the same page and it’s within their capabilities. You can even upload them into our scheduling system for easy locating later!

An appointment at the hair salon should be a fun, relaxing, and happy experience. With the right stylist, you can be sure it will be.

P.S. Lucky for us all, at Ginger & Maude, we pretty much have a stylist to fit everyone’s vibe (and they're ALL winners in our book 😜).