Have you ever gone to get your hair done, and although all you REALLY wanted to do was stare at the wall and enjoy the silence, for one reason or another, you felt like you were obligated or expected to keep a conversation going with the stylist? Ugh. Can we all agree we hate that?

Consider this your annual reminder that it is MORE THAN OKAY if you don’t want to talk during your hair appointment. Seriously. This is your appointment—let’s make sure you enjoy it! (Especially this time of year, when moments of peace and quiet can seem few and far in between.)

That’s why we created our Silent Service option, to keep the extra chatter turned down post-consultation so your relaxation can be turned up. It’s the same top quality and thorough attention to detail you know you can count on from Ginger & Maude stylists, only delivered in a much quieter way. 

Molly, one of our Lead Stylists, says, “The Silent Service is a great option for people who want a relaxing service without the added stress of maintaining a conversation. We know sometimes it can be uncomfortable to vocalize that you’re not in a chatty mood, so we offer clients the option of requesting it before they even step foot in the salon. When I am working with a client who has booked one, I let them know during the consultation that I may ask them questions pertaining to their hair, but other than that, they can feel free to zone out!”

Any Ginger & Maude appointment can be made into a Silent Service, simply select it when prompted during booking online or let us know if you’re scheduling over the phone. Then, come in, take a seat, and revel in the joy of stilly “me” time. You deserve it.