Semi-Permanent Gloss Color Refresher with Haircut

A Gloss Color Refresher will revive shine and color between hair appointments. It is a semi-permanent treatment that can refresh the depth of hair color or re-tone lightened blondes. 

Combo - Cut, Color, Highlights. 

Combo deals have always been where it’s at. Value, an abundance of riches, faster to just say you’ll have the #3 than it is to spell it out - the perks are endless, really. 

So of course we need to get in on that action here at Ginger, too. 

This mother of all services includes a tell-all consult with your favorite stylist, a haircut aimed to please, shampoo amazingness, plus color treatment AND highlights.  It’s a no brainer! Too much to even fit on the tray. 

Money Piece and Haircut 

Oh, how we love the 90’s. Britney, Lohan, Sex and the City, thriving Tamagotchis living their best lives - it’s all so good. But better than all of that - and now available in real time at Ginger Salon - the Money Piece. 

The classic Money Piece gives the front hairline, whether your hair is light or dark, its moment to shine with a bright frame - giving light to the face, making your color pop, and infusing a touch of Destiny’s Child swag into your aura. 

A fresh haircut is included in this service, pricing varies by stylist. Check out each bio for individual pricing. If you’re looking for a fashion shade, please call the salon to ensure we book ample time to bring your impeccable vision to life.


Remember how you felt after that last yoga retreat? The one you couldn’t stop telling your friends about because, somehow between down dogs and margs by the pool, it managed to strike that magical balance of building core strength and rejuvenating the hell out of your spirit? It’s like that. But for your hair. 

We could really nerd out on the science behind the protection serum and nourishing fortifier that make up the BondPro by Goldwell service. Suffice it to say, this add-on treatment to cut or color services strengthens and nourishes like none other. 

Your hair will be stronger for it. Your color will last longer because of it. And your locks will look and feel healthier as a result of it. Yoga poses: optional. Margs by the pool: preferred. BondPro: mandatory.