If seasons were hairstyles, fall would be the messy bun, winter would be hidden by a hat, summer would be beachy waves, and spring? Spring would DEFINITELY be a cute li’l braided number (like the one Syd is showing us how to do today!).

Quick and easy, this look comes together in under ten minutes and can be used for everyday fun or a more formal venture (wedding season is here, p.s.). It’s also a great style for second-day hair!

All you need is:
-A comb
-8 clear or hair-colored elastics

We recommend starting with hair that has had some texture or grit added to it. Syd is starting with curled hair she added a bit of FRESH.HAIR to.

  1. Separate your hair down the center.

  2. Starting at the top of one side, gather a small amount of hair and tie it off with an elastic. 

  3. Create a space in the middle, push your hair through it, and tighten.

  4. Gently tug on either “twist” to loosen it up a bit.

  5. Repeat this step two more times, gathering more hair with each section (think French-braid style).

  6. This should leave you with all the hair on one side of your head gathered into a “tail.” Create a fishtail braid by sectioning the hair into two, then separating a strand from one of the two sections and bringing it over the hair to become the middle strand of the braid.

  7. Alternate doing this with hair from either side, pulling the previous middle strand into the section the new middle strand came from. (Check out the video for a visual representation!)

  8. Tie it off with an elastic, and gently pull along the braid for a more loose and lived-in cavorting-in-a-meadow look. (P.S. If you aren’t big on fishtailing, that’s no problem! A standard braid will work just as well.)

  9. Repeat on other side, zhuzh as needed.

You see?! So simple. SO. CUTE.
Now, off you go to run around the maypole or throw flowers at passersby or whatever you do to ring in spring.