It’s Tuesday Teatime with Robin! Grab your finest china and gather around as she spills the tea on some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q: What should I bring to my appointment?
A: Coming to your appointment, I would bring a good idea of what you want, some solid inspiration photos. If we’re chillin’ for a while, like if we’re doing something like a Foilyage Custom Color, bring something to munch on, bring some entertainment. We’ve got bubbles, we’ve got water, we’ve got coffee for you (we’ve got candy and actual tea too!), but if there’s anything else you might want for a more comfy visit, bring it!

Q: What makes a good inspo pic?
A: I think what makes a good inspo photo is something that is closest to our hair texture. If you have 3-5 photos, that’s a great place to start. Ideally, they’ll contain similarities in silhouettes, shapes, color, etc. A lot of the time, we’ll need to get more specific about which part of the hair we’re looking at and wanting to replicate, so it’s best to bring a variety of images and we can talk through it to help narrow it down.

Q: Can I bring my pet?
A: As much as we love our furry little creatures, they will need to stay at home. Per Oregon Health Authority regulations, animals (including emotional support animals) are not permitted in salons. (Basically think of it as the same guidelines used in the restaurant industry—no pets inside restaurants; no pets at your appointment.) Service animals recognized by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), such as “a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability,” however, are obviously very welcome.

Q: Is it okay if I don’t talk?
A: If you don’t want to talk, that is TOTALLY fine. Bring a book, bring a video game. If you just want to zone out and stare at your beautiful self for an hour, go for it, diva. It’s really whatever makes you feel comfortable. 

Thanks for tuning in! We hope you enjoyed the tea. The more you know…