Shampoo + Blow-Dry

Sometimes it’s just that simple. And a good shampoo and blow-dry from an expert with magic hands is all you need to change it up and elevate that life of yours. 

Deluxe Shampoo + Blow-Dry

You’re no basic b#$ch. We know that. When it comes to loving yourself - and your locks - you know just what you need. 

Have you met our deluxe hydrating rituals? You need to be friends. TREAT.ME by Kevin Murphy, as well as our Malibu treatment or whatever your hair is calling for, conditions and strengthens your tresses (at the shampoo bowl) unlike any other! A blow-dry rounds out the ritual, so you leave with your head held high and looking Gorgeous with a capital G.  

Please also schedule our updo service if you’re in search of something more fancy.