*Please note: Video contains flashing lights.*

This past weekend, we had the immense honor of being announced the winner (WINNER!!) of KEVIN.MURPHY’s 2024 “The Choices We Make” ICON Award during their REFLECTIVE.PERSPECTIVE global hair show in Budapest, Hungary.

The award—inspired by KEVIN.MURPHY’s commitment to taking care of people, communities, and the environment—aims to celebrate the hairstylist heroes in their salon network doing the same and actively working to positively impact the industry and the world.

Obviously, we love the glamour of it all, but what we feel most proud of is knowing that the changes we’ve made really have created a difference for our community and the industry. Providing salon spaces where EVERYONE feels welcomed and celebrated for exactly who they are has been our goal from the very start, and we are so tickled that what started as a dream to do business better has led to a global platform that will allow us to inspire and excite others to do the same.

Because the truth is, we all can make a difference; often, it doesn’t take much to do so. (In fact, in our experience, sometimes it is the smallest acts that have the biggest impact.) If enough of us take the time to notice and reflect on what needs to change, to stand up and say, “I want better for my salon,” and then work to make that true, we can create a different kind of beauty industry, one that succeeds by reminding folks that they are already beautiful and worthy, not by making them feel less—a beauty industry that is truly ICONIC.

We hope you’ll join us.

We are so thankful to Kevin Murphy and his team for this recognition; to our Ginger & Maude team for their commitment to furthering our mission; and to you, our clients, we designed these spaces with you in mind, and we are so thrilled each time we see you in them.

P.S. Carbon offsets were purchased for the Ginger & Maude team’s air travel, because big travel requires extra environmental care.