Okay, so KEVIN.MURPHY came out with some new products which, is like, “yes, please and thank you,” all on its own, BUT these ones are part of his KILLER line, which means these are products designed SPECIFICALLY with wavy, coily, and curly hair in mind. Yes, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for.

Take a seat; let’s talk about them for a minute. The word of the day is nourishment, and that’s exactly what these products deliver. Star player Oat Milk in KILLER.CURLS WASH, KILLER.CURLS RINSE, and KILLER.TWIRLS hydrates, strengthens, and protects your hair and cuticle while enhancing your curl, refining your texture, and preventing breakage. PLUS: They are all color-safe, vegan, and suitable for curls both natural and permed. (Hell yeah.) ANNNNND KILLER.TWIRLS, with shea butter and refining complex, sets the stage for a flawless air-dry filled with soft, hydrated hair and the bounciest of curls.

We caught up with one of our curly pros, Ligeia, while she was giving Karen a wash and style to hear her thoughts on these new little beauts.

Q: Tell us about the styling regimen you used for Karen?
A: Karen said it was time for a deep cleanse, so after detangling, I shampooed with MAXI.WASH for a nice, clean canvas. Then I shampooed with KILLER.CURLS WASH twice to maximize the product's benefit, conditioned with KILLER.CURLS RINSE, and finally, wrapped her hair to dry using a cotton shirt to protect her cuticle.
“Pancaking” products, or layering them one after the other, into hair helps it to keep its shape and tame flywaways, so at the chair, we detangled with EVERLASTING.COLOUR LEAVE-IN, applied HAIR.RESORT from root to tip (Karen finds gel helpful in getting some extra hold and longevity), added our KILLER.TWIRLS (use it sparingly!), and scrunched to activate the curl.

KILLER.TWIRLS preps your hair for a really lovely air-dry, but since we were short on time, we chose to diffuse Karen’s hair. We ended with a little more KILLER.TWIRLS to further lock in the curl, and she was on her way.

Q: What do you like about the new KILLER.CURLS WASH, KILLER.CURLS RINSE, and KILLER.TWIRLS refining air-dry crème?
A: For the wash and rinse, I love the slip they leave in the hair. KILLER.TWIRLS moisturizes hair without weighing it down, so I really like it as an option for people who want to use a curl cream but find them to be heavy.

Q: Who would you recommend these products to?
A: Anyone who is curly, coily, or wavy and wants a heat-free option for styling their hair.

Q: Do they need to be used together, or can they be used alone?
A: They don't NEED to be used together, but for the maximum benefit when air-drying, I would.

Q: Which do you recommend most for folks only looking to purchase one?
A: KILLER.TWIRLS, for sure—there is no other product like it or that can replace it. 

Q: Do they pair well with other products? Which one(s)?
A: I have really loved playing with the new KILLER.CURLS products on their own, but I do like pairing them with other products as well—especially if curls need extra encouragement or frizz control. Something I love about these products is that they can be nicely integrated into almost any curly routine, and KEVIN.MURPHY recommends KILLER.TWIRLS specifically as a base to which you can add your other curly care products. I am still experimenting, but some of my favorites so far are PLUMPING.WASH and RINSE, STAYING.ALIVE, EVERLASTING.COLOUR LEAVE-IN, KILLER.WAVES, and HAIR.RESORT.

We are literally THROWING waves of gratitude at KEVIN.MURPHY right now (gently, of course). Give these new products a twirl and step into the world of nourished, hydrated curls.➰