Purpose-Driven Business

B Corp. Be Fabulous.

Here’s the bottom line: It is very possible to be a highly transparent, purpose-driven brand and still make money. As North America’s first B Corp® hair salon, Ginger & Maude® was designed to demonstrate radical authenticity in its support of people and planet. Turns out, our clients love that as much as we do.

Not a rental chair in sight.

Our vision is to change the hair salon industry for the better. Every Ginger stylist is hired on payroll, at a living wage, with a sky’s-the-limit opportunity for career advancement. Glass ceilings be damned.

Environmentalism is glam.

As a Certified Sustainable and Carbon-Neutral salon with Green Circle Salons, Ginger & Maude is fully committed to keeping our planet just as gorgeous as we keep our clients.

We sustainably dispose of used foils, color tubes, hair clippings, and excess color, as well as plastic, paper, and glass.

We've installed bidets in all our salons as a piece of green conservation technology, and also because we think they're nifty. 

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