Brand Leadership Team

Deanna Everson

Deanna Everson is the Founder and President. She is a visionary and compassionate leader who works tirelessly to ensure the brand's continued success, while making a positive impact on the world. Her superhero skill is hiring people who are the best in their field, listening, and then implementing kick-ass ideas they dream up. Oh, and she knows how to make it fun!

Over the past 15 years, Deanna has built a ground-breaking brand that has received global recognition for being a leader and changemaker in the industry. Deanna created Ginger & Maude® by risking everything, going all in, and having grit and a tireless drive to constantly push for growth and innovate the brand concept. That drive and willingness to innovate continues today. Deanna meets every business situation with extreme Big Pivot Energy, creating organic growth with focus and empowerment.

Above all else, Deanna values authenticity—authenticity, and a 12-ounce latte with regular milk in a REUSABLE cup.

Krista Gray

Krista is the Vice President and Brand Director. She develops the business strategy and manages brand marketing activities.

In her career, Krista has delivered results for a variety of companies—from international brands to small design agencies. Her university degree and professional experience are in marketing and management. Before joining Ginger & Maude®, she managed the creation and marketing of globally-distributed products for an international sportswear brand in Europe.

Krista's international experience has strengthened her belief in collaboration and that the best ideas come from the exchange of diverse perspectives. She highly values integrity and teamwork. Although she has a reputation for being serious and hard-working, she is also known for her ready smile.






Nicki Hogue

Nicole “Nicki” Hogue is the Education Director. She created the Ginger & Maude® training program and is responsible for the onboarding and training of franchisees.

Nicki has 20+ years of experience behind the chair, and she has dedicated her career to pursuing excellence through continued education in the hair industry. Her range of study and experience is expansive: starting with Vidal Sassoon, Aveda, and Allure Magazine, and rounding out with in-depth training with Goldwell and KEVIN.MURPHY. Nicki is an intuitive cutter and colorist, as well as a blonde specialist, session stylist and an all-around hair expert. With her skilled techniques, passion for learning, and a love for community, Nicki’s dedication in training and teaching empowers stylists to be their best.

Nicki values community and feels proud to be able to support people though self-care and hairstyling. She deeply believes that each person is enough and worthy to be treated kindly and to feel beautiful. To Nicki, the ability to have a space, or a chair, where anyone and everyone from the community is welcome to come and get pampered—there is truly no greater gift for her. She is a fun-loving Leo, with a grounded affection for organization and respect for integrity.






Stephanie Grelle

Stephanie is the Operations Director. She is a primary liaison to the operating franchisees and manages the day-to-day operations of the Ginger & Maude® franchise community.

As a founding member for almost a decade, Stephanie has been heavily involved in the success of the brand and thoroughly understands the business operations. Her passion for the business and creative hair design was developed through her formal training with respected industry experts from Goldwell, KEVIN.MURPHY, KMS, and Vidal Sassoon. This formal training, along with her experience as a Lead Stylist, has allowed her to develop advanced skills in hair design, client retention, and product sales. Additionally, Stephanie has been a key driver in the development of operational systems.

Stephanie understands the value of procedures and processes as a means of running a successful business. Additionally, her collaborative style and drive to grow and learn has been an inspiration to those around her. She values high ethics, organization, diversity, and inclusion in her daily work. It’s important to her that the people around her feel supported in all ways.