Franchisee Support

We’ve Got You Covered

We’ve talked a lot about what Ginger & Maude® offers to our employees, to our clients, and to our community, but have we mentioned how much we love YOU?  Let’s take a moment to dig into the wealth of resources we keep in play for our fabulous franchisees.

Partnership and Guidance

We are here to mentor and walk with you through the creation of a successful, purpose-driven business that benefits people and planet.

A Network Committed to Shared Success

We love a mutually-beneficial business relationship, and we build ours on respect, with companies whose values align with ours. As your experienced business advocate, our people are your people.

Brick and Mortar Guidance

Finding your space, THE space, can be a daunting proposition. The Ginger & Maude Brand Leadership Team provides resources for site selection since location is critical to the salon’s success. Once you’ve secured your dream spot, we’ve got you covered, from salon buildout recommendations to interior design ideas (ceramic kitties? YES PLEASE).

Exceptional Training

We provide pre-opening salon manager and stylist training, along with a wealth of online training resources. Ginger & Maude’s Founder and our training staff will prepare you for your salon’s opening day. We also offer post-opening continuing education opportunities, for owners who want to take their training to the next level. 

Marketing Support

As a Ginger & Maude franchisee, you benefit from our corporate brand marketing budget and activities, taking more off your to-do list and allowing you to concentrate on the beautiful business of building relationships with your employees and clients. We also offer guidance and tools for localized, salon-specific marketing, and an integrated website for each salon location within the Ginger & Maude brand website.

Comprehensive Operations Manual

We’ve done the dirty work, made mistakes, learned, and fine-tuned the day-to-day business. Our operations manual includes details on Brand Marketing, New Salon Setup, Salon Operations, Employees, Training Resources, and more. Benefit from our triumphs.


You think we’re kidding. We are most definitely not kidding.