Our Culture

Don’t get us wrong, we love to talk. But at Ginger & Maude® we realized early on that in order to cultivate change, we also needed to walk the walk. It’s one thing to SAY that you have an inclusive community, but it’s another thing entirely to build one. 

We Offer a Fundamentally Safe Space For Everyone

While we all have people we instinctually gravitate toward, and often those are the folks most similar to us, at Ginger & Maude, we believe diversity is beautiful and that all people deserve to be represented, valued, and celebrated. This means all bodies, all ages, all races, all political affiliations, all identities. If you’re here, you’re fabulous.

We Foster Body Positivity

It’s our goal to make everyone who enters a Ginger & Maude salon feel wildly gorgeous. Because they are. We’ve incorporated size-inclusive robes at all our salons (designed by our illustrious founder, Deanna) and we will always represent a diverse array of body types, both in our marketing and in our salon team.


We Demonstrate Extreme Authenticity

For us, authenticity means being genuinely honest in your own identity, integrity, and spirit, no matter what pressure may be put on you to act otherwise. We are proud of who we are, but we value learning, growing, and admitting when we make mistakes.  At Ginger & Maude, values and actions align.

We Support Our Community of Franchisees 

We firmly believe that Ginger & Maude can be a tremendous franchise opportunity for everyone, including historically underrepresented and overlooked demographics. We encourage women, people of color, and humans of all identities and sizes to own businesses and take leadership roles in their community. We will be your business partner, providing experienced support and professional community, as you start and operate your own business with our successful brand.

We love our Stylists!

Ginger & Maude was conceived as a purpose-driven vehicle to allow marvelous stylists an opportunity to have fair-paying jobs and cultivate rewarding careers. We expect a lot from our team, but we give a lot too. At Ginger & Maude, people are at the heart of everything.

  • Every Ginger & Maude stylist is hired on payroll, at a living wage, with a sky’s-the-limit opportunity for career advancement.
  • We are fully committed to our stylists’ training and provide a 1-year Ginger & Maude in-salon training and mentoring program.
  • We offer full benefits, obviously.
  • We believe the opportunity to continue learning is a gift and offer consistent ongoing education to all our stylists.
  • We encourage our stylists to pursue specialty avenues of study (perms, extensions, wig design, etc.), allowing them to become the go-to Ginger & Maude experts in their ideal style field.