Have you recently moved? Changed your name or mailing address? Decided your current party affiliation is #soyesterday and desperately need to change it? OR have you never registered to vote but are now thinking, “Yeah, I have an opinion I’d like heard”?

That’s very exciting! Share the news with everyone, including the government! The time is now to update or complete your voter registration form for the 08 November election.

Tuesday, 18 October (a mere five weeks away!) marks the Oregon voter registration deadline. All online and in-person voter registrations need to be updated or completed, and mail-ins postmarked, by 11:59 pm this date.

So hop to it! If you prefer to do things with a buddy, plan a registration celebration and invite all your friends! Make sure to have snacks and drinks and high fives for everyone after they confirm they are registered and up-to-date! Get balloons and suck the helium out of them to change your voice like a real adult! It’ll be a good time.

Go big and go vote!

P.S. Change of name updates require a paper registration form so there is record of your new signature.


To register: State of Oregon: Voting - Oregon Online Voter Registration

To double-check your registration: Welcome to ORESTAR! (

For more information: State of Oregon: Voting & Elections - Voting & Elections